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Fee-Only Financial Planning For Teachers

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Financial Planning



If you are like most educators you did not enter the profession for the money. 

You teach to help people and enrich the lives of others.

This is how we help you! 


Employee Benefits

Cash Flow

Emergency Savings

Student Loans

Debt Paydown

Retirement Plan Selection


Retirement Plan/

Product Clean Up

Large Purchase Needs

Future Projections

Insurance Reviews (if needed)

Plus Everything for New Educators


Retirement Projections 

& Possibilities

Reciprocity (if applicable)

Social Security (if married or previously earned)

Account Clean Up


Financial Tips for Educators to Consider

The majority of 403b accounts we encounter are high cost and can be adjusted to save you money over your saving years.

403b accounts are not financial plans and the amount you are paying for the account you have might be enough to pay for comprehensive financial planning. 

If you set up a 403b with a representative and you have not been talked to since you are paying too much.

You may be eligible for social security if you worked in a job that paid into social security. On the flip side, you may not receive all of your spouse's social security benefits if they pass away. 

If you have student loans you may be eligible for student loan forgiveness.

The financial representative recommended by your district may only suggest one or two 403b plans and those plans may come with a significant cost to open.

You can change 403b plans but you may have a surrender charge if you move the money before the surrender period is over.

If you put money into a 457 and then find that the plan is not a good fit you may not be able to change to another plan without separating service from your current district. Be aware of this fee trap and know all of your options before entering into your 457.

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