Fee-Only Financial Planning For Teachers

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Financial Curriculum

Please keep in mind that everyone is different so your personal curriculum map may look a little different than this.



First We Must Assess to See Where You Are in Relation to Where You Want To Be.

Employee Benefits

Cash Flow

Emergency Savings

Student Loans

Debt Paydown

Retirement Plan Selection




Financial planning is heavily anchored to your money so we've built a planning process that encourages you to take action and make a plan that you actually do something with. When you create a gameplan that you actually implement you receive value. When you create a plan that collects dust you have wasted your time and money. Wealth of Confidence is here dig through your data, dive into your goals, and create actions that will elevate your financial well being. With you we tackle each part of the process and make sure it gets done, whether that means meeting with outside professionals or completing paperwork, we get it done.

Less time & money wasted + more action = Confident Wealth!