Please provide us with as many of the following documents as possible. The more information we have, the better our recommendations can be. But don’t worry if some of this doesn’t apply to you: that is normal. 


As a reminder, please do not email documents that contain sensitive information, such as account numbers, SSN, etc.


Income Statements:


  1. 2 recent pay stubs

  2. Other income sources (rental, pension, social security, trust, etc.)

  3. Descriptions of any employee benefit available to you through work: retirement, insurance, etc.


Tax Returns:


  1. Federal, state, corporate, or other returns for the last 2 years

  2. Current estimated payments/withholding (if you are self-employed)


Recent Retirement Statements, including the investment choices & annual statements: Please provide a copy of the most recent statement. Screenshots will not provide the information needed.


  1. 401(k), 403(b), Pension, PERS, STRS, or other workplace retirement account/s

  2. Please provide the investment options available in your employer retirement plan

  3. IRAs, including ROTHs


Think back to past employers. Is it possible you have a retirement account from an old job that you’ve forgotten about? If so, it’s time to track them down and get your money!


Investment Statements: Please provide a complete copy of the most recent statement, screenshots will not provide the information needed.


  1. Checking/Savings accounts

  2. CDs

  3. Brokerage Accounts

  4. Mutual Funds or Annuities

  5. Minor Children’s Assets

  6. Any other Assets


Insurance Policies: Declaration pages and actual policies


  1. Life insurance statement with a policy summary

  2. Disability insurance 

  3. Casualty: Auto, Homeowner’s, Renter’s or any other insurance policy


Loan Repayment Schedules: Include origination date, interest rate, beginning balance, current balance, the length of the loan, & monthly payment. Please provide the most recent statements.


  1. Residence (mortgage)

  2. Auto

  3. Student Loans

  4. Rental Mortgage/s

  5. Any other loans


Estate Documents:


  1. Will

  2. Trust

  3. Power of Attorney

  4. Health Care Directive


Social Security & Credit Report


  1. Pull a social security statement from

  2. Pull a credit report from (this will likely be a link document) Do not sign up for credit reporting services.

Most Recent Pension Statement: CalTRS, CalPRS, etc. 

Employee Benefits List: Please provide a list of all of the benefits offered by your employer even if you are not taking advantage of them. Please also provide your open enrollment month/s for benefit selection.          

Document Checklist:

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