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Ongoing Planning Relationship

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Group Classes

Hourly Projects

Hourly projects are offered to make sure that you start off right. We want you to have the tools you need to save money, maximize employee benefits, pay off debt and more. This service is all about building a strong foundation from day one. 

Hourly projects are recommended for:

People that enjoy managing their own money

New educators that need help navigating financial topics mentioned above

 Teachers that need a couple questions answered or tasks completed

Join a small, intimate group of your peers for financial classes that are built to move you through financial concepts that we include in plans. Group classes are a mix of online information, group discussion and chances to speak 1-on-1 with a CFP® professional.

This service is recommended for:

People that want guidance from a professional but may not be ready for 1-on-1 planning services

Those that are comfortable opening up in a group setting 

Anyone that flourishes when encouraged by others

Ways toWork with Us

 You will receive 1-on-1 meetings to create a financial assessment, discover possibilities based on your current situation, find ways to improve your financial well-being and more. Then we create actionable tasks, help you complete them, and adjust the plan over time. This service offers proactive, engaged, and accessible guidance from a financial professional. Think of it as your financial concierge service.

This service may make sense for you if:

You want more time to focus on career, family, traveling, LIFE

You don't love dealing with financial details

We have services to fit several different needs & money personalities. Each service was created with your career field in mind and incorporates money topics that are specific to educators. 

Price: Schedule a Call for a Quote

Investment Management

Wealth of Confidence offers investment management services to clients that are engaged or have completed any of the other services listed. Investment services include account selection, account opening, investment selection, rebalancing, tax harvesting & administration. 

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